Girls, start supporting other girls! πŸ’—


All across social media today there is FAR too much girl shaming, I see it much more then I believe I should and I’m sure I’m not the only one!Β 

But in reality why do girls shame other girls? There really isn’t any need what so ever! It really is just petty/down right awful and quite frankly, makes me feel just a bit ashamed to be a girl sometimes. What are you as another girl really achieving from putting down another girl? Apart from then making people realise that what you’re saying says more about you then it does the person you’re saying it too, you’re actually achieving upsetting and offending the person you are slating. So congrats, you made someone now feel awful about themselves. Feel good about yourself now? The answer here should be NO.

Todays social media is pretty dominated by celebrity influence/admiration, people aspire to look/be how this person who is in the public eye is, people consider these people as their role models/idols and that’s absolutely fine! These people are in this position to be considered as celebrities because of the work they do and that’s great, they work hard to achieve what they’ve achieved and I’m all about that, working hard to achieve your dreams is awesome!

But, I am constantly seeing girls being awful to other girls online! Like what is this really about? I though us ladies were meant to support, uplift and encourage one another? Not shame, put down and slate each other? Especially not when the slating is completely hypocritical and coming from someone who is seen as a role model in the public eye! It is beyond wrong, confusing and disrespectful for one thing to be alright for one person but not for another. Every lady is as equal as the next and deserves the right to be treated with the same amount of respect.

I’m just getting a little fed up with people slating and putting down others to make themselves feel better or hope to make themselves look better for people to just simply agree and jump on the “slating one another” bandwagon! Just be nice to one another, it takes no effort at all to just be nice and kind in what you say to others, it makes me sad to think other ladies want to put other ladies down for no particular reason at all! So stop being so hateful and remember:


In support of this post I am going to post below a just a few links to other lady bloggers who, in my eyes, are absolutely NAILING it right now with their work and I encourage you to leave links down below in the comments to some of your favourite bloggers out there and I’ll go check them out! Share the “Girls Supporting Girls” love! πŸ˜€ ❀

With love, Charlotte x

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