What’s in my bag? πŸ‘œ

Welcome to my bag πŸ™‚




I never usually have a handbag thats big enough to carry loads in, but, recently I decided I wanted one what with travelling up on the train to see my partner Paul in Hartlepool quite a bit. It seemed it was easier to have a bag that would be big enough to fit a fair few bits in for my journeys! And I stumbled across the bag you’re going too see:

  • Purse:Β This purse I brought a few years back in River Island! And the best thing? It wasΒ Β£20! Β Ever since I brought this purse I’ve loved it, as you can see it opens up pretty wide and you have a lot of compartments for my cards and also one where my Provisional should go (I lost that at new year and am still yet to replace it *face palms*) but I’ve placed a card from my mum from a birthday that she got me :D.



  • “C” notebook:Β I got brought this for a christmas present 2 christmas’ ago and last year I really started using it to write down blog post ideas! And I love the fact I can carry it around with me because now when I see a blog idea online when I’m out having a coffee or traveling I can quickly jot it down in here and when I want to schedule it for. Now, as I said I got brought this?! So I am not sure on prices but, I do however have a site in which they are on πŸ˜€ click the link to see!Β https://www.theliterarygiftcompany.com/products/alphabooks-shaped-notebook



  • Book:Β I am ALWAYS reading which I’m sure but now you guys are all too aware of! So recently my most recent book to read has been this one! By Russell Edwards on recent discoveries on the Jack the Ripper case and I have to admit it is absolutely amazing! The new evidence this man found was extraordinary! And I have been loving the read so far! I can’t wait to write a review when I’m done.



  • Beauty Products:Β  I’m not the type of girl to take a full make-up back out with me because once my face is on, it’s on! πŸ˜€ but! I do love to take a bit of Lipstick/Lipgloss/Lip Balm and Perfume out with me, because these are the only things I need to regularly need to top up! Some of these are my favourites too! One of them I recently put a post out about the “Bonjour Paris Rose Exclusif” (Β£6.99) lipgloss but this is then joined with my “Bonjour Paris 08 plum matte lipgloss” (Β£7.99)Β and also a SPF Lipbalm. Then, the P.S Love Rose perfume is gorgeous! It’s from Primark and I would recommend it to anyone.


  • iPad Air and headphones:Β I carry my iPad with me due to the fact I can then sit and write my blog posts on the go! This iPad air has done me wonders over my 3 years at Uni which is where I got it from. I was very grateful for the chance to get it! Plus, my headphones.. That’s a given! Everyone has headphones! I can not travel without them.. They are a absolute essential for me!


  • House keys, passport and hairbands:


  • Select Shoulder bag: THIS! Is the bag :D. With black patches on it and gorgeous tanned base, it is just lovely! I loved it as soon as I saw it. It was also in the sale! originallyΒ Β£19.99Β reduced toΒ Β£5.99!Β Absolute BARGAIN!!! It’s justΒ beautiful and I love it. Select, you did good!



So here’s what in my bag! I hope you liked it :D, it’s not much! BUT it’s what I have.

With love, Charlotte x


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2 thoughts on “What’s in my bag? πŸ‘œ

  1. Loved this! I particularity like your purse and bag in the pics – they’re really cute. The cover of your book also got me intrigued. I haven’t read for a while now, which is sad because I used to read loads – I’m talking two or three books a week!

    Really nice post,


    1. Thank you so much :).
      Oooo you should definitely read this! It’s called “naming Jack the Ripper” by Russell Edwards such a fab read and new info on this case :).

      Thank you! Can’t wait to read some of yours and leave some comments for you πŸ˜€ xxx

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