My favourite iPhone apps! ğŸ“±


So this is my phone, I have an iPhone 5SE in Rose Gold, with 64GB memory.

I don’t know why I told you that, as you probably don’t really want to know, you want to know what it says in the title.. But! I think my phones pretty and I love it so I thought I’d share that with you! <3.

So! Let’s jump straight into it! My favourite iPhone apps:

  1. unnamed.png Twitter: Twitter is without a doubt my first favourite app! I wake up in the morning and the first social media app I go on is twitter! I probably tweet far too much, having got 28,000 tweets on there but! I did join in 2010.. So that is 6 years worth of tweeting. I ramble, I rant, I share my blog on there, I follow over 1,100 people and I have up to 850 followers myself.. Crazy when you think about it like that really isn’t it?! But yes, twitter is a must for me! I love it! 5 stars from me <3. (follow me!
  2. 3059740-inline-i-3-an-exclusive-look-at-instagrams-new-app-icon.pngInstagram: Instagram is another app that I swear by, I am forever on it! I love having a nosey at the people that have gorgeous Instagram’s and become incredibly Instagram jealous of their themes and layout.. I need a layout! But I just love the concept of the app itself, I love photography and editing anyway so this app combines both! 5 stars from me <3. (follow me!
  3. unnamed-1.png Facebook messenger: Now, I am not a big lover of Facebook itself, having had 4 years off of it until May 2015. But! I do love the messenger app! I hardly ever post anything major on Facebook, I will repost things and share them, but thats about it. But I love the messenger app as you can still talk and communicate with people like when they’re on holiday and stuff! So I only really have a Facebook account due to being able to have the messenger app! 4 stars from me <3. (follow me!
  4. snapchat-app-icon-9.png Snapchat: Snapchat is something, even though I know deep down I don’t really like it, I still use all the time!! I follow a few youtubers and famous people I like to keep up with and to snap a few of my friends, plus these new filters these days are pretty hilarious sometimes! So snapchat is another app I enjoy! 3 stars from me ❤ (add me; charlottedonny)
  5. unnamed-2.png Timehop: I like timehop! Timehop to me is something I think is definitely a worth while app to have, in the last year I lost my doggy and my doggy was my baby. So when I get timehops with her in it actually makes my day :’) and I sometimes get timehops of things I didn’t even remember happened! I just really love it! So worth while. 4 stars from me ❤
  6. wpid-photo-dec-2-2013-1018-am.jpg Collageable; This app is pretty cool! It amalgamates your pictures into one big collage and you can post a selection of photos all together. Making it look that little more special and making it more important I think?! Instead of posting individual photos all at once and spamming peoples timelines! And this is the best collageing app I’ve actually used so! 4 stars from me ❤
  7. Podcasts-for-iOs-Logo.pngiBook-icon.pngApple-News-App-Logo.png Podcasts, iBooks & News: Now! I’ve combined these 3 due to the fact that these apps are already placed on your phone, you don’t have to download them! But, they are definitely 3 of the most used on my phone. I listen to podcasts all the time, keeping up with History Extra, GoT, Rippercast and Yvette and Glen’s anytime podcast.. just naming a few. I then always download new books to my phone so when I am travelling on trains.. which I tend to do a lot of these days.. I can dip in and out of my music and books! The news app I actually find incredibly handy! I love catching up with whats going on in the world with a coffee in the mornings! It makes me feel well informed. 5 stars for all 3 from me ❤
  8. 129fb80f170a5b2530b051a5184a3fd3.jpg Monument: This game blags my head! It is so beautiful but so incredibly tricky to play sometimes! It is a game where it is a puzzle all the time, you need to figure out how you will get your character from one place to the next and the walls can move and they move to connect to another wall.. You catch my confusion? It is, never-the-less a beautiful game though which you should check out! 4 stars from me ❤

I hope you like just a few of my choices :D! Let me know if you get any or if you have any already and you agree!! Also, hit me up on my social media’s I have linked! Would be nice to interact with you guys more! :D.

With love, Charlotte x


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