UPDATE! Recently I joined The Student Pocket Guide team! 😀🌎

So recently I got tagged in a post on twitter saying I would be good for writing for this company called The Student Pocket Guide.

Now usually I do not check things like this out but, on this one occasion I actually did! And I am dead chuffed I did because after emails back and fourth with someone from the company, I am happy to say I am now writing weekly posts for them! :D.

So I thought I would post just a quick update over here on my blog so you know a little of what I’ve recently been getting up too! I will as of next month be book reviewing again for Lovereading also! So keep an eye out for more links to their site with my reviews on!


I would really appreciate it if you would go over and check this out for me :D, I will post the links to the posts I am doing weekly also!

Thanks guys <3.

With love, Charlotte x


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