July 13th, 2016: Graduation day! 👩🏻‍🎓


So! As you can probably guess from the title and from the screen shot of my Facebook status… I graduated last month from the University of Hull with a BA (Hons) 2:2 in History! I can not explain to you the happiness I had from knowing that I was going to graduate, it was UNREAL!! I was so scared that I had absolutely ruined everything for myself in my 3rd and final year. So scared that I was having anxiety attacks, I was having panic attacks, I wasn’t sleeping and I became a bit of an emotional wreck… I think 3rd year broke me you know?! 😐 it all just became a bit too much. I came out over all with my 2:2 but on my individual modules I achieved a 65% for my Henry VIII in european perspective, 60% in my 10,000 word Dissertation 😀 and then achieved 50% in my two other modules also! Safe to say I was one chuffed little girlie.

I do plan to go back to University to get my Masters in History hopefully next September and I will then plan to do my PhD not long after.. I must be crazy.. But! I will then be able to call myself “Doctor Charlotte Donovan” how cool?! :P.

I thought I would now share with you some pictures of my graduation day though. I graduated with some of my closet friends and I am so so happy about this, as we all looked fabulous and we all deserved it! So, here goes!

Before I went and picked up my gown with my family, 7:45am Wednesday 13th July, 2016:

Before the actual ceremony and I have now picked up my gown, 9:45am Wednesday 13th July, 2016:

             (me, scott and jordan)                                  (me and jordan)

After the ceremony, all feeling so proud of ourselves! 12:45pm Wednesday 13th July, 2016:


(me and vicky)


(jordan, me & amy)


(jordan, devon, me, amy, jenny and jade)


(jordan, me, lorna & joe)


(me & lorna)


(jordan, amy, me, jade, nicole & joe)


(jordan, me, amy & jade)


(jordan, nicole, devon, me, jenny, amy & jade)

All look so fancy! :D, still so incredibly proud of us all! I don’t think that will ever change! … Oh and lets not forget, this gem from graduation night! Yes, we’d all had a bit to drink here.. You are welcome! ❤


(jordan, laura, bryce, andy, mum, me, joe & lorna)

With love, Charlotte x


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