What University taught me… 👩🏻‍🎓


So, there is without a doubt, a lot of things/lessons that University taught me and in some ways I don’t think I truly expected it too.. But it did.

Independence; When I first moved up to Hull to do my degree, I’ll openly admit the first week I absolutely hated it. I rang my mum crying on the phone telling her I wanted to come home and I didn’t even want a degree and the day my boyfriend I was with at the time left me to go home I cried like a baby.. He clearly thought he was very lucky to have me when I was doing this, I mean, who wouldn’t when their 19 year old girlfriend sat in their bed balling her eyes out looking like a hot mess before you leave.. Lame right? But, I truly hated the thought of being away from home, my family and friends. But, after a while I started to like like the freedom I got with being at Uni, there were busses every 10-15 minutes right outside my halls, I knew how to get into town to shop, I could come and go as I pleased at whatever hour I wanted and I could stay up till silly hours in the morning with my new friends I was making in halls. Over the past 3 years I have truly began to LOVE my independence and I want to carry on enjoying this independence to the fullest!!

Living Situations; When I first thought about living in a big building with loads of other people I said to myself “yeah I won’t be spending too much time with people, I love my own space, I’ll keep myself to myself” I couldn’t have been more wrong. Trying to keep yourself to yourself in Halls is a silly silly idea, because everyone is going through the same thoughts and feelings as you at the time, so you all know how the other is feeling.. You bond because 1. you like the people and 2. because you all understand the feeling of needing someone there.. Granted, in my halls a lot of people seemed to be in “clicks” but, that was their choice, me and my friends got on incredibly well and have done the whole way through Uni, I would class them now as friends for life. Living in houses then for the next 2 years after this was also a challenge, you have to get use to being around less people.. But, you’re then living with people you truly want to be around and I can truly say the last 2 years of living situations has been my favourite, because I’ve been with my favourite people to live with.. Choose wisely. Thanks guys <3.

Friends; Now, making friends at Uni is the one thing that I thought coming to Uni would be the easiest to deal with.. I mean it has been because I have some truly amazing people in my life now but I also didn’t realise how tricky this could also be too. I assume it’s the same for everyone though and if you all feel the same then thats cool, because you all get one another. You just need to distinguish the good from the not needed really. And that’s that. You’ll keep the people you want to keep in your life, because these are the ones that will show you they’re truly there for you when things get tough.. And I like my choices, a lot. Again, thank you guys. ❤

Thought processes; Whilst at Uni your head is constantly on the go! Thinking about deadlines, the worry from deadlines, the reading for other deadlines and the thought of knowing you need to chill out. 1. Thinking about deadlines; I’d suggest here, make sure you pick a question for an assignment far in advance, so you can prepare yourself and you’ve then made some sort of start. 2. The worry from deadlines; no matter how many times people tell you to chill out, you will CONSTANTLY worry about deadlines, whether you start it early or late, it is always there.. Just try to not let this consume you, for there can be bad consequences that follow. 3. Reading for other deadlines; You are always going to have more then 1 assignment on the go, always, you just need to make sure you space your time for these deadlines efficiently so you can spend enough and equal time on all, meaning you get decent grades for them.. Don’t rush, just roll with this. 4. Needing to chill out; THIS is an absolute must, even if it is going out for coffee with a friend or a trip into town on your own, or even on a night out, you MUST make time for chilling out.. granted I didn’t do this all the time, but I did know when enough was enough and chill time was needed. Know your limits, or you’ll send yourself silly.

Each of these things Uni taught me a lesson for. And, I am thankful for that.

With love, Charlotte x


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