American Horror Story; my favourite series? πŸ‘»


I never really speak to people about the warped programmes I like to watch, in fear they may judge me, but everyone loves American Horror Story right? (AHS) πŸ˜‰

AHS is one of my FAVOURITE series’ ever. It is creepy, messed up and downright terrifying sometimes but I absolutely love it. Each season does not interlink with one another, but that is something I really love about it because I have found whilst watching the series’ that I have loved some a lot more then others so if I choose to not watch one series and skip to the one before or after, it doesn’t matter since they don’t flow one after another. The one main thing I do love about every season is there is the exact same cast for every season, so you see the same faces but playing different parts.. Evan Peters graces your screen every season ;).

I have always liked films/programmes that are downright odd or disturbing (making myself sound FABULOUS right now obviously) simply for the fact I would LOVE to know how the screen writers get their heads into this type of head space?! It really does fascinate me. I have always like the Saw films, I have always loved Wire in the Blood and even watching documentaries on serial killers, because I just find it truly fascinating to try and get yourself as a viewer into the head space of these characters/people/screenwriters. Do I sound psycho enough yet?!

I’ve decided I will tell you, in order, which AHS I prefer more and why;

  1. ahs-s2-art-4Β Starting with my favourite series of them all, Asylum. Asylum for me is the best AHS there has been yet simply for the fact it was just bloody genius. The characters and the storylines are truly great, the opening credits are my favourite because they’re just downright freaky and the characters storylines are all awesome! Asylum stuck out the most for me because in my first year of my History degree I did a module on “Gender, Sex and Medicine” which later on involved me writing an assignment on the treatment of women in mental institutes, so I think this series peaked my interest the most because it did stick incredibly close to the treatment of a lot of real life patients. I am a little weird when I say this really, but things like that truly fascinate me. 10/10 in my opinion!! (Season 2)
  2. tumblr_noz4wjU0Pc1tzjn71o1_500I only recently watched the whole of this season but, AHS Hotel closely follows as second for my favourites. 1. because lady gaga is in it (amazing) and 2. again the whole season was just creepy and freaky.. sometimes scaring me haha! But, I truly loved the characters in this one, they all had a story closely linking them to the hotel and their pasts were just as interesting to find out about. I was wary by how Lady Gaga would act but she made this for me. She is truly wonderful and I absolutely love her in this! The only annoying character is the main male lead.. He’s incredibly whiney. 9/10!! (Season 5)
  3. American-Horror-Story-Freak-SHow-costume-contest.pngNow, when I say to people that AHS Freak Show is a close favourite of mine, they always disagree with me. A lot of people did not seem to like this season as much as others, but in my personal opinion it is a good’en! The characters are odd, granted, but the stories behind each character, I feel are truly amazing! Some of the characters have haunting/disturbing pasts but this makes the season and gives it the deserving name.. Freak Show. My favourite character is the female lead, the ring leader, I think she is fab and her past the most interesting of them all. 7/10! (Season 4)
  4. American.horror.story.jpgMurder House is actually the first season to AHS, but for me it wasn’t the best season I’ve seen. I think the seasons outline is good but I find the lead female actress here incredibly annoying.. Or more rather her part? The most interesting character here was the daughter for she has the more interesting storylines all through out. I feel like this season just does not match up to my top 3! 5/10! (Season 1)
  5. AHSCovenPoster.pngAnd finally, Coven, the 3rd season to AHS. Now, for me this is my least favourite, which shocked me considering it’s storyline is witches and I usually enjoy things which involve witches, but this to me was just boring and samey the whole way through.. It is my least favourite for the fact the whole way through it seemed incredibly obvious when things where going to happen and how the story line was to go. It didn’t shock or surprise me in the least which was disappointing for me. 2/10! (Season 3)

So there you have it! My favourite to least favourite AHS series’ and there are reports of a Season 6 on its way sometime this year.. YAAAAY! :D.. more Evan Peters ;). So go ahead and check the seasons out and let me know what you think and whether you agree with my order! πŸ˜€

With love, Charlotte x


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