2013-2016; how it feels to have finished at Hull University. πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸŽ“

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Hey Guys! So, as you can guess by the title.. IVE FINISHED UNI! Wooooo :). I handed my last ever assignment in on May 6th and the feeling was AMAZING.. But not long after I felt sick too?! Which was bloody strange to be honest with you, I think it just hit me that I would never have to write another Undergraduate Uni assignment again.. Like ever, when that is all I’ve known for 3 years.

There still is a mixture of emotions to how I feel regarding finishing, because I now have to adult.. Like FULLY adult. And, if I’m completely honest, this hasn’t/doesn’t faze me in the slightest because I’ve technically lived away from home for nearly 3 years now anyway and I have worked extremely hard to keep myself up to date at Uni. I like to think I am an incredibly hard working person so having to progress into the stage of “full time work” is not something I’m afraid of. So handing in that last piece of work did make me feel incredibly free and happy! And because had NO exams that really was my last thing for Uni and I was incredibly happy about it.

Since handing in this last assignment though I have been up to a lot. A few days before I handing in this assignment I went into town and started handing my CV out to places because I really have grown to love Hull, despite what a lot of people may think of it, so I wanted to stay here because I feel like Hull is home. So I handed out CV’s in some places, some places being incredibly rude to me when I asked to hand one in, but I didn’t really expect to get any phone calls anytime soon because that would have just been lucky.. Well I got lucky! πŸ˜€ within 1 hour of handing my CV into ZARA in St Stephens I had a phone call from them asking if I could go for an interview on Friday (it was currently Wednesday here) and I of course said yes! I was thrilled, because I have ALWAYS loved ZARA and it was such a great opportunity. Well, you’ll be happy to know my luck was STILL in when I got offered the job to work there on the Sunday after my interview on the Friday! I could not have been more over the moon. Things have moved incredibly fast, but, I am incredibly pleased about this because I like to be busy and it meant starting work ASAP and I am loving it so far, I really hope I continue to love my time here.. This just wasn’t something I expected to happen as quickly as it has, in that sense I am SUPER lucky. Now this may seem different or confusing because of the degree I did at Uni being History but after such a hectic 3 years moving onto something different, but also something I am interested in, was great! I will use my history degree to its full.. But, the time for that isn’t yet, but hopefully within a couple of years you will see what I’ve had in mind for it πŸ˜‰ (watch this space!)

I have also had people ask me over the past month whether I would ever go back into higher education again and honestly? Yes, I would. I would eventually like to do my Masters in History, in particular Art History, but I do need a big break from education for 3-4 years as it has been incredibly draining, physically and mentally and I think the people who haven’t ever been an Undergrad will ever understand this. I went on a rant about this on my FaceBook last month as people do underestimate students and the things they have to endure whilst doing their degrees;

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safe to say I think I made my point *bats eyelashes innocently* haha! But yes, I would eventually like to go back into higher education and extend my degree.

So, if anyone is reading this who is contemplating going to Uni, I would say do it! Yes, it may be incredibly draining and physical be a lot of hard work.. But, I wouldn’t change moving up to Hull and getting my degree for anything! It has, no matter how hard it has been, been one of the best experiences of my life. I have also made some friends for life too and they have been what has kept me going. So thank you!! Just be prepared to have your brain completely mashed in from time to time.. But honestly, it’s clearly a lot of fun ;).

With love, Charlotte x


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