March 28th-31st, 1888. 👩🏻‍💻


Everyone knows Jack the Ripper for being the undiscovered killer of his time and is still undiscovered to this day! He is known for this reason due to his most well known 5 killings that happened in the year 1888, however no-one can be entirely sure of how many people he actually killed. Jack the Ripper appeared to have it in for the prostitutes living in London, carefully killing/mutilating them and leaving them on display for someone to find them. It was almost like he was proud of his work he had done? Which may seem odd to people, but actually makes him quite an interesting person to try and figure out. Why would he do this? No-one was to ever know, no-one can or could understand him or his reasons.

Between March 28th-31st there was “supposedly” two more attacks that happened on two separate women;

  1. 28th March 1888; Ada Wilson. She was allegedly stabbed twice in the neck by the said killer but reportedly lived to tell the tale. It appeared
  2. 31st March 1888; Annie Millwood. She was admitted to Whitechapel workhouse infirmary on 25 February, 1888 reportedly with stab wounds to her legs and lower torso. She was later discharged but apparently then died from natural causes at the age of 38 on 31 March 1888. But she is now postulated as the Ripper’s first victim, but nothing can be completely confirmed to prove this fact.

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