Book Review, “Honesty” by Seth King 📚

Seth King, “Honesty” ❤️.
I was just scanning through Instagram, liking pictures and having a giggle at some of the funny videos that appear, when I stumbled across a post from Seth King;


You know I write my book reviews for Lovereading and so seeing this opportunity outside of doing my other reviews made me want to get the chance to review this book so badly! I really thought it was a brilliant opportunity.. That I actually didn’t expect to get!

A few days went by and I hadn’t heard anything at all, so I honesty didn’t think I’d be given a chance, but then I got a late night email, 12:30 to be exact, saying I had been given the opportunity by Seth to read and review his new book “Honesty” I was so so excited and incredibly grateful for the opportunity, downloading and beginning reading straight away.<<<<
esty” is the title of this wonderful book by Seth King and, it is exactly that the title says, Honest. From Seth’s Instagram I’ve always gotten the feeling off of seeing his books for them to be about a love story between a man and a woman and since that is the type of book I usually love to read I couldn’t wait to get started. But as I began to read on I noticed that this wasn’t your typical “boy meets girl” love story.. This was “boy meets boy” love story, which to me was something completely different to what I had read before but still, I couldn’t wait to get stuck in and see how this story unfolded.

Seth touches very closely upon the issue of “gay couples” the whole way throughout this book, how society not so long ago and even now in some place is still not accepted by people, how this effects people who know they’re gay and how this effects everything that happens in their life. Seth’s main characters Nick and Cole have this love that a lot of couples probably wouldn’t even have, simply because they have to work so much harder then any other couple would to keep their relationship together, not just because of the world but because of themselves too.

To me throughout this book though you can see the roles of an ordinary couple playing out, especially between the pair of them, even though in my eyes they are both as sensitive and scared as one another. This book gripped me right from the beginning to be fair, so I really couldn’t stop reading and when I had to I was gutted because I wanted to learn and find out more about these two characters. I love a book that can make me laugh, cry and be shocked.. This included all three, Cole has an incredibly funny personality and from the description of Nick I was shocked at how upset and disheveled his life seemed.

The upset? Well, that completely got me. Once the floodgates opened, they really didn’t stop! I had gotten so involved in this book I didn’t even realise how much till I started crying. This book is just so moving, truthful and touching.. I honestly love how involved I got within this story and I was sad to see it end.

Seth puts at the beginning that this is “based on a true story” and at the end he puts in a couple of pages explaining where and how he got the idea of this story. I think he is truly amazing and incredibly brave having put his own true story out there, letting people know about something that clearly effected him enough to write a story about it. I have HUGE amounts of respect for Seth, I think he’s a wonderful author and I would recommend anyone to read this book! 10/10 from me :).

And again, thank you so much to Seth for giving me this awesome opportunity to read and review his book! So thank you Seth King 🙂 keep on writing because you have an incredible talent so keep sharing it.

With love, Charlotte x


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