Book Review, “Missing Pieces.” by Heather Gudenkauf 📚


This book was sent to me by Lovereading and written by Heather Gudenkauf.

“The initial push was the slightest of shoves, a nudge, really. Tentative. Almost a caress. A bird, maybe. A wayward wren or sparrow flying down the chimney and into the house. That had happened before, birds getting into the house. Jack and Amy would howl with glee at the bird swooping at their heads, desperate to find its way back out into the open air. 

But a second blow followed immediately, striking her in the lower ribs. Her breath was knocked from her lungs and she scrambled to steady herself against the deep freeze.

With difficulty she twisted around, needing to see, needing to know who wanted to hurt her. Oh, it’s you, was Lydia’s final thought.”

My Review;

Missing Pieces was something completely different for me right from the get go! I have never been into murder mysteries and I have never seemed to be able to get into them, but, I wanted to challenge myself yet again.

So, when the opportunity came up to be able to review this book, my first initial thoughts about the book itself came from reading the blurb and I have to admit this did set the book itself up incredibly well, making me just as excited to see how this was going to plan out. Well, it delivered.

Right from the start you are thrown full swing into the book and the murder mystery itself, however you may not be 100% aware of this at the time, the mayhem then just carries on from there! I love the way Heather has written this book, she constantly keeps you guessing as to who the killer could be, I changed my mind 3 times before I found out who it was at the end! Which to me, makes a good murder mystery book as it kept me on my toes the whole way through.
Each character is as interesting as the next and you feel yourself warm incredibly closely to the main character, Sarah. Being as confused and upset in this situation as she is she takes on the role of detective very nicely and, I actually think it suits her more then her journalist job role she is originally given, it brings out her personality.

The book did not end how I actually anticipated it to end, which threw me, but in the best way! I loved the ending so much as it just pieced everything together so so well. I said to myself I envied people who could write a good murder mystery book and I definitely envy Heather’s ability to be able to pull this amazing story off.

My tiny review for Lovereading;

So gripping it will have you on the edge of your seat! Amazingly good and also incredibly touching. A story about a woman just wanting to get to know the man she calls her husband more. 10/10 from me!

With love, Charlotte x


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