A letter to my teenage self… πŸ“

A letter to my (1).png

Dear 15 year old Charlotte Teresa Donovan, FebruaryΒ 2010.

You’re currently preparing for your GCSE’s in year 11 at secondary school, you have a few friends who don’t always seem 100% true and there for you, you like this boy that probably isn’t such a good idea, you’re mum and dad can’t get on and continue to argue even though they aren’t together anymore, you have a 5 year old sister who likes to be/do everything you do and you’re no way near spending enough time as you should be with your grandparents, in particular your grandad.

You appear have a huge chip on your shoulder, because everyone and everything seems to be against you.. Just know it gets better. Half of this, really is not a huge problem.. but to 15 year old you, everything is an issue.

  1. GCSE’s seem so difficult and you probably should be revising so much more.. But you aren’t because you hate exams. Note to self: this doesn’t get better, however, you’re 21 year old self is currently studying history at Hull University, a place your year 11 teachers and headmaster told you you’d never get… You prove them wrong, don’t worry! YOU DO GET THERE!
  2. Your current friendship group seems full of people who don’t always seem 100% there for you or loyal to you. There’s a constant sense of feeling like you’re being pushed around by some?Β Note to self;Β the certain people who did this to you, are now not even apart of your life. I wouldn’t even waste time on worrying about them. You meet much better said individuals as the years go on, who show you what TRUE friendship is.. You only keep a few selected people from school in your life because they’re actually the loyal and true ones.
  3. You like a boy that probably isn’t the best idea.. Isn’t that always the case at this age?Β Note to self; Boys have still been a problem, you meet cheaters, liars and waste of spaces. But, you know not to judge every boy the same because not all of them are the same. You know you’ll meet the right one when its time and when that time comes, it will be exactly what you’ve waited for.
  4. Your mum and dad argue, even though they live apart, you get annoyed with this and you feel they need to leave one another alone.Β Note to self;Β  this doesn’t seem to ever change? Your parents get on one minute, argue the next etc etc. You would think with one now married and one being a strong independent woman, this wouldn’t be an issue anymore? You do however become close to both your parents in different ways, but, you and your mum become like best friends! Things aren’t bad between them anymore really, they just wind one another up!
  5. Your 5 year old sibling can get on your nerves, she’s into everything you do/like and wants to ALWAYS be involved.Β Note to self;Β now not in such an annoying time of her life, your sister becomes an incredible little girl. She too, is one of your best friends and you love her to bits! You actually wish you could go back to now to spend more time with her little self! She was adorable at 5.
  6. Your grandad has recently developed the shakes? You and your family take the micky about it a bit, bless him, but he still has his sense of humour and is always there for a cuddle.Β Note to self;Β This is one that today, still really effects you. You miss your grandad more and more each year that goes by and you never seem to really be able to get over how much harder it seems each year that passes.. Remember, you have your family, they feel the same and are ALWAYS there for you. You have a brilliant family.. Appreciate that.

All in all, a lot of things get better.. You just learn to appreciate things much more. P.s, get rid of the chip on your shoulder, it gets you no where and makes you seem so defensive, when really, you’re not such a bad person to be fair.

With love, Charlotte x


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