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2016 has been here for over 30 days now and I made a few promises to myself once it started, so I thought I would share them with you incase you’ve made a few that are the same :).

  1. Going TeeTotal; Now, when I say going TeeTotal I do not mean “Oh my god I am never touching alcohol again” I mean I will just be controlling how much I actually drink. I recently discovered that since I am not a regular drinker e.g  I do not go out every weekend etc. I do not have a very big capacity to hold drink, so when I do I tend to get drunk far too quickly, which effectively ruins my nights. So, I have made a promise to myself that when I go on nights out now (on the rare occasion)  I will not be drinking, perhaps at dinner in a nice restaurant or a special occasion I will have a few cocktails or a beer but, I will be the friend that looks after everyone on a night out instead! Which is fine by me!! I don’t necessarily need to have a drink on a night out to have a good time, as I enjoy having a good dance (with no rhythm) and just being with my friends! I do really want to stick to this one though to be fair.
  2. Say “Yes” to more; I noticed last year I seem to not be too open minded, I like to stick to things which stay in my comfort zone and I then don’t tend to get out of that pattern. Well, I feel I need too. I will start saying “Yes” more to things because sometimes the things that are most unexpected and just happen on the off chance happen to be some of the best decisions I’ve made, all because I said “Yes” and got that urge in me to do it, I had fun and I want to feel like that more!
  3. Say “No” to things, only do things YOU want too; Now, I just spoke about saying “Yes”, but you also much remember to say “No” when you REALLY do not want to do something. I do not agree with people feeling pressured into doing something they do not want too do, having had this happened to me a lot (and it still occasionally does now) it is a very horrible feeling 😦 so, I will as from now be saying “No” to things I do not really want too do. It is MY life and MY happiness, so I need to think of myself.
  4. Go to the Cinema more; I like to go to the cinema, I love seeing new films and going with friends to see these films! But, this is not something I seem to do too much of! And I actually love doing it! So, if I see a film that I REALLY like the look of and feel I should go see it, I will. I think I will also break the fear of going to the cinema on my own too because a lot of the time the thing that stops me going is the fact no-one else will go with me! So, I will over come this fear of going to the cinema on my own, I mean, I go into town and wander round all day on my own sometimes, I go for coffee with a book on my own sometimes and I will treat myself to lunch on my own sometimes.. So why not this too?
  5. Start building up savings for after Uni; This July I graduate and, I still don’t know where in the country I will be living! I want to apply to be a librarians assistant but, the only problem here is with this being a job you apply for and go straight into, I have to wait till May-June or the latest July! But, with that in mind I will need savings to be able to put a deposit down for a flat and then the money to buy the things to go in the flat. Fortunately, I have a brilliant family who have already started to build up putting things away for me (I am so grateful and lucky to have them) but, I will still need to get a lot by myself! So, I have started putting savings away so I can do this. The feeling of doing savings can be daunting, but, it really will help in the end! So, I will continue to do this with the lasts of my student loan.
  6. Plan to travel more; I can not currently do this right now, but with only 6 months left at Uni, I want to plan to travel more! I want to explore Italy much more! As you guys will know I have a massive interest and love for Italy, it really is one of my favourite places go! So, I want to get a holiday to there booked for the end of the year. I also would LOVE to visit; Amsterdam and Hamberg.
  7. Lastly, keep blog different and varied; Finally, it is my aim to keep my blog as varied and different as possible, because that will keep you guys much more interested in my blog and also will keep things different for me! I hate writing about the same thing every time, it’s just not interesting when you feel like you’re repeating yourself! So, an aim is too keep things different!

So, I hope you enjoyed this post! Hopefully you can at least relate to one of them!

With love, Charlotte x


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