How to; manage your time whilst reading and writing for an assignment πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ’»

So as you guys may be aware I am currently in my 3rd and final year of my History course at Hull University and personally I am pleased I am not choosing to carry on with education after these 3 years of Uni simply because I feel like I have done enough in education now and I need a bit of time to work and develop my transferable skills for the future.

However, I do have a lot of writing a head of me this year, totalling 29,000. Having done two assignments so far I now have a total of 25,500 words left to write.. that makes me feel incredibly uneasy about my degree when I write it down like that :(. But, from now till the 12th of January 2016 (2016 as if!) I only have 1 more assignment to do till after exam period which is the whole of January (I fortunately have no exams this year) so a lot of hard work and concentration will be going into my dissertation which is 10,000 words.. which I have currently only read 4 books and a few primary sources for.. this is hard work. Β  Β  Β  But, a lot of my friends deal with how they tackle assignments a lot differently then I do, but then again none of them tackle it the same so it would appear we all have our different ways. I on average like to give myself 2-2 and a bit weeks to write an assignment, this is because I can then focus on this assignment all in one go and get it done!

I start off by going through the assignment questions, I always go for a question I personally think seems interesting and will be a good read not always the one I know the most on (which may seem weird but, I like a challenge).

I will then proceed to doing 7 days worth of background reading for the assignment because this is where I gather my references and quotes and I too learn a little more about the assignment I am doing, because I don’t always make things easy for myself.. because I’m nice to myself like that you see :).

I will then sit down and start to think about an assignment plan, which I will then later on send off to my lecture (who fingers crossed will get back to me within the next day or two) and then from my lectures response I will/can write my assignment and attempt my hardest to reference it to my best (because referencing, even after 3 years nearly, is still a huge pain for me).

So to me I do not personally feel I need longer then 2-2 and a bit weeks because if you are just completely focusing on that one thing you can get it done and then go back to focusing and on everything else. Being at Uni I have really had to learn how to manage my time, learning how to manage getting me time in and managing other word for seminars and modules too! Which is why I personally feel this amount of time is the right amount for an assignment and it is how I work best :).

With love, Charlotte x


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