Spectre; my review on such an awesome film! πŸŽ₯πŸ“


So recently I went to see the new released James Bond film; Spectre. Having always been a big James Bond fan since I was little, my fathers constant watching and obsession of the films didn’t help mind, I personally thought when they replaced Pierce Brosnan with Daniel Craig 10 years ago that I wouldn’t enjoy Daniel.. how wrong I was.Β Pierce will, in my eyes, always be the best Bond because he is the one I grew up with but Daniel Craig really has brought so much more to the character of Bond himself and made it his own.

The film; Spectre had quite high expectations hanging round its neck for many reasons and a few of these reasons are: 1) because everyone absolutely adored Sky Fall and 2) because it is “supposedly” meant to be Daniels last Bond film, so would he be going out with a “bang”? Pardon the pun ;). But, I personally feel that my favourite of the Bond film with Daniel in has been Casino Royal, I didn’t really have that much love for Quantum of Solace and Sky Fall was just incredibly emotional the whole way through for me and the death of M didn’t help at all! *queue emotional emoji’s here* so for me it had to beat my expectations of beating Casino Royale. Now, I am incredibly biased when it comes to how I feel about something, granted not always the best attitude, but Spectre lived up to my expectations completely.. I just won’t say it beat Casino Royale, so we’ll say it was on par with it! :). The storyline was great and the way they tie all 4 films with Daniel in together is absolutely awesome! It gave me goosebumps quite a lot (this was the moment I knew I was well too invested in the Bond world itself, which seems a little sad but, what can you do :P), and I absolutely adore how they go so in depth on Bonds actual character this time showing he has a lot of passion and love for something other then himself.. Maybe even coming out of this funk he’s been in for the past 2 films. The locations they went too were brilliant, my favourite being Italy, Rome because I am obsessed with that place so when they were driving through Vatican City it got me incredibly excited.

The song; everyone is aware of the bond films having an introduction during the film with a Bond song, I loved “Die Another Day” by Madonna for the die another day film, I have always thought that song was awesome! Everyone raved about Adele’s “Skyfall” introduction song but personally I didn’t think it was one I would be raving about and I didn’t. However, Sam Smiths “Writings on the Wall” has completely floored me. This song makes me such an emotional wreck it is a joke. When I first heard Sam would be singing for it I was a little hesitant to believe he would pull it off simply because he has such a gorgeous unique/different voice, but no, as soon as I heard it the song fitted straight into the theme of “Bond” for me! The orchestra coming in at the beginning had the typical sound of Bond to it and it just automatically made me fall in love with it! Watching him perform it on the Graham Norton show and with it being Sam’s first live performance of the song itself I absolutely balled like a baby. The performance was so over whelming and powerful it just hit me right in the feelings. Well done, Sam.

Characters; The characters in this bond film seem to all become much more important and crucial to the story line this time round. Yes, the film is focused on Bond as it always is, but there are a few more important characters to the film this time.

Q; Firstly I would like to say that I love how they have developed and involved Q (played by Ben Whishaw) a lot more in this film! Q is always seen as just the tech guy who gives bond these fast cars and gadgets, but in Spectre he has much more involvement. His determination to help Bond get his case solved is truly lovely and the relationship between them really does develop hugely, they begin to form a friendship.. even if this friendship benefits Bond more then Q.. you can see that Bond does respect Q a great deal more.

Madeline Swan; Madeline (played by LΓ©a Seydoux)Β is the new “love interest” for Bond in this film and she is a bit of an unusual Bond girl in my opinion. She has a back bone, she knows how to fight and shoot and she has a career where she doesn’t rely on being a mans arm candy. She has been brought up in a very harsh background where there were constant threats against her father and she has seen a lot more then a lot of other bond girls no doubt have. I love the fact she has this backbone and does stand up to James because it is nice to see a challenging look on his face (because Daniel Craig is rather good looking if you hadn’t happened to have noticed) but, I think they have tried to emphasise on the fact she has a backbone a little too much making her seem more empowering then James. She does however give James hope for a normal relationship after Vesper, he falls for her incredibly quickly!

M; M (played by Ralph Fiennes aka Voldermort πŸ˜‰ ) is much more included in this film too! Trying to save what little is left of the 00 programme M has to put up with dealing with a very annoying man called C (appropriate I’d say) and you can really see M as a character developing more and more as the film goes on. He becomes much more like minded with Bond towards the end and you actually see a very “agent” side to M too! I like that they have developed on his character more, he’s an interesting one.

So, with all this being said, I can not say whether the rumours about this being Daniels last film are completely true? The ending however does suggest something completely more?! But this could simply be down to the fact that Daniel did co-direct this film so maybe he is trying to sway the audience? I am incredibly unsure of how they would involve Daniel in the next one though considering he has already suggested they’re on the hunt for the next Bond? I am just unsure. Fingers crossed though, just one more Bond film please Daniel! ❀

With love, Charlotte x


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