Never forget who you are! โค


It recently hit me that sometimes, I really do think/worry to much about others feelings before I think of my own! And, it actually really bothered me to the point where I got mad/upset with myself. This was not okay in my eyes, so I sat and thought about what I wanted. I want my life to be MY life, not MY life controlled by OTHERS which of course seems obvious but, sometimes it just takes for a lot of rubbish off of people/situations to realise this. And I know a lot of other people can get themselves into this situation which of course is really sucky.

You should never do things simply to pacify others around you, if YOU want to do it then you will, it shouldn’t take for people to make you feel uncomfortable to make you do something. This is something that does/has happened to me sometimes and quite frankly, it shouldn’t. I have my own mind and thought process so if I want to do something I will, if not I simply wont and it shouldn’t take for others to make me feel crappy to make me do them. So I’ve decided that from now on, if I feel like I do not want to do something I wont be! It is as simple as that, because a lot of people will not change how they are to please you because they’re already quite happy with who they are, so why should you change how you are when they won’t bend an inch for you? ๐Ÿ™‚ quite frankly, just be you.

It’s that quote, “just be you” don’t let anyone else make you feel like you have to be/act otherwise because sometimes in this process you can forget who you are, never do that. You’re you for a reason and at one point or another these people have liked you for you so they can continue, don’t change to suit others! Also, do not feel like you have to feel a certain way either simply because, in the heat of a moment you can feel completely all or nothing about something, until you know exactly how you feel just roll with how things are for now. Do not force a feeling onto something you are slightly uncertain about.

Starting 3rd year at Uni I have now realised that you have to think about what’s best for you, since you will be incredibly busy with your own plans and things this year anyways. Take time out for YOU time. Be your own person and love every bit of it because, that is simply how things should be! And this is what I will be doing this year, I will be living by MY own rules and not bending over backwards for people who do not and will not do the same for me. I will just be there and be myself for the people who really matter and don’t want to change me, because why should things be anything else but like this.


With love, Charlotte x


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