Sister’s 11th birthday! Holy hell!! 💗

IMG_1182                                                                IMG_1188

So today on the 22nd September 2015 my younger sibling, Ciara turned 11!!!! Woooo!! Birthday celebrations and all that shebang! :D. This little girl, well not so little girl now, is turning into someone who I as a sister am becoming very proud of. She is turning into such a bright and intelligent young lady, she knows exactly where she wants to go and what she wants from life which for me as an older sister is amazing to see 🙂 her ideas may change during the years yes of course, but she has her heart set on her goal, just like I did/have, and I honestly have every bit of faith in her.

To me, for someone who from a very young age has only really been brought up by our amazingly strong mother, myself and our wonderful grandparents, she has turned into such an amazing young person and I know she does/will always do me and my mum proud because, if I’m honest, she is pretty damn great to be fair! Yes, she does my head in and I am 100% sure I do hers in but, I honestly love this little one to the moon and back. So, even with a 10 year gap between us, just know I think the world of you and would be lost without your little face :). Love you millions Ciara Louise Donovan! ❤

And now, because I am SUCH a good sister, here is a few baby photos 😉 😛 LOVE YA! ❤ ❤

With love, Charlotte x


Sweetie 2 x

Picture 110

Picture 107                                                                                  Picture 025                                                                         Picture 005                                                                          Photo2368



Aww2                                                                 Aww bless


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