Book Review, “Girl Online” by Zoe Sugg 📚


At long last I finally finished Zoe Sugg‘s book Girl Online! About time I’d say :o.

So, Girl Online is the book written by YouTube sensation Zoe Sugg and, I have to admit I really liked it! The book itself is honestly really good and it looks as if I am saying that in a “omg I can’t believe it” type of way.. That’s not the way I mean it at all, honest! The story line to Girl Online is incredibly soppy and definitely something I could once relate too.. Finding young love at first site and feeling like this person now means the entire world to you.. I’m a girl of course I’ve been there. While the love story itself dominates the book, it is not the initial story line I really fell in love with, the actual story line I like is the one where Zoe’s main character Penny Porter talks in great length about her trouble with anxiety and internet trolls.

Penny struggles with a huge amount of anxiety in her life due to a past event that occurred and no matter what she seems to try and do nothing calms it or even stops it! Now for someone who does not initially suffer with anxiety issues I just suffer with a hell of a lot of nerves sometimes like any other human being but nothing quite like on this scale, I have in the past found it hard to sympathise with people who suffer with anxiety as I do not know how or what to do to help? But, after reading this I realised how much anxiety actually can and does effect someone on a daily basis, the restrictions it puts on their life and how they try desperately to try and not let it get to them. The way Zoe has put this type of condition onto her main character is very interesting and as someone who actually suffers with anxiety a lot herself in real life, I can honestly say I now fully understand and sympathise with people who suffer with major anxiety because, it honestly sounds so hard for someone to deal with. She also touches upon internet trolls, which as a YouTuber/Blogger herself I am sure Zoe is all too familiar with, so it is something she can/does go into great detail about. She expresses on how these trolls can make you feel, how they effect you and how they can make you go within yourself! Dealing with bullies like this is not something that can easily be dealt with since it is online and does genuinely happen to so many people! But, the way Penny ends up dealing with her bullies in the book honestly makes me love this book that much more and I feel this too is another great story line that is within the book itself.

However, the love story of the book itself between Penny and Noah(another main character) is something that is very cute, gushy and soppy, it did make me smile a huge amount whilst reading it and I did like the way their relationship seemed to be going! :). I also fell in love with Penny’s very extravagant gay best friend Elliot!! It reminded me of a few relationships I have with my friends and I just thought that was another very cute story line! :D.

So overall I was really impressed with this book as a whole, I loved the way the book was written and I am looking at getting the follow up book, “Girl Online: On Tour” when it is released :D. So, good job Zoe Sugg (if you ever see this that is haha!!).

With love, Charlotte x


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