Book Review, “Fan Girl” by Rainbow Rowell ๐Ÿ“š


I do not think I have done so many book reviews in a while, but, here’s another!! :D. Fangirl by Rainbow Rodwell.

Rainbow has safely become one of my favourite authors! I absolutely love the way that she writes, how she sets a scene and how she makes her characters have incredibly different personalities. And, after reading “Eleanor & Park” I could not wait to get stuck into her next book which was this book, Fangirl.

The main character, Cath, just so happens to be a twin to her sister Wren. Of course being twins they are identical, but having both moved out of Omaha and to college, Wren decides she needs to look different, resulting in a drastic hair cut. But that is not the only thing that tears them apart. Cath to me seems a very closed book, she’s sarcastic, she likes to sit in her room writing Fan-fiction about Simon Snow and Baz, she is very innocent and really doesn’t mind her own company. Wren is completely opposite! She likes to go out to party, mingle with people and is far from innocent.. But, Wren does love to be in her sisters company when writing her fan-fiction.ย It is evident that as sisters these two will also have a close bond, they ARE like best friends but moving away from home and being two completely different people is bound to cause drama. And, it does.

The actual story of Fangirl is great! And I really love how both characters are completely different because it gives/shows us as readers just two different types of people who go off to college, or as we say in England “University”. Rainbow gives us a lot of characters who stand out and make the book but with Cath being the narrator, as you would say, she is the one that really effects you as a reader. The story of her senior year is something that actually changes Cath’s life massively! There is a lot of ups and downs but.. It makes the book I feel.

When I finished Fangirl however, I was, and am still not sure, how I feel about the ending? I don’t think it personally ended how I expected it too? But! With that said, that does not mean it was a horrid ending! It WAS still a good ending! I think I just had in my head that it might end a little differently so it threw me a bit? Never the less though, amazing book and would 100% recommend reading! ๐Ÿ™‚

With love, Charlotte x


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