Book Review, “Eleanore and Park” by Rainbow Rowell ๐Ÿ“š


So last week I wandered into Waterstones and I will admit this place is one of my favourite places to go. I love going in and just browsing the books. But, 99% of the time I WILL come out with a new book for myself and it so happened that this time I came out with this book by Rainbow Rowell. I will admit I brought the book simply because I loved the authors name, I thought it was so beautiful and different and I really did hope this person would have written a great book! And, I’m happy to say this book did not disappoint! I fell in love with the idea of “love” all over again!

Eleanor and Park’s relationship to me is so innocent and gorgeous it makes you want to cry with happiness. For two people who were not entirely sure or keen on one another, well from Park’s end of the deal to begin with anyway, the relationship they end up having is just so beautiful it makes me miss having something like that in my life. These two characters both lead/have very different lives but they connect so well and I think that is what is so great about this book. Two complete opposites and two people you probably would not expect to be together end up having this “whirlwind” type of romance.

In this post though I am not going to explain the storyline, I think you as readers should just go out and purchase this book straight away because, yes people can say “aww that book was so cute and I loved it” and the book do absolutely nothing for you and that’s fine, but I thought that this might not be a book I was going to initially rave over, but I am! I honestly love it and I will be reading it again and no doubt again, because the story line is brilliant, emotion and heart warming. You’re on a proper rollercoaster the moment you start feeling involved but thats fine! Just ride with it, stick with it, because it really is worth it. The main thing I really do love about this book over all is the transition’s between the two main characters and how you see the story from BOTH points of view, I really do feel thats a brilliant idea and for me that made the book.

So, a 10/10 book again! And a big thumbs up to Rainbow! I went out and brought “Fangirl” her other book on Monday and I am already hooked on her writing, once again. I would just like to add though.. I finished Eleanor and Park in a day and a bit.. I was THAT hooked on this book!

With love, Charlotte x


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