Book Review, “Me before you.” Jojo Moyes 📚


ANOTHER BOOK REVIEW.. finally. It’s been a bit of a while since I posted a book review.. sorry.. But! I personally feel this book is worth the review, so here goes!

JoJo Moyes’ book “Me Before You” is one one of many books to make me cry (I think this whole being emotional business is becoming a problem!) but, I have not cried THIS hard at a book since reading John Greens “The Fault in Our Stars” over a year ago now. I cried so hard at the ending of this book the other night my mum actually became worried as to what was wrong with me, I was a wreck. But, hats off to JoJo because this is one of the best books I have actually read in a very long time too!

Me Before You is a book about a man and woman who have a very unrealistic love.. In his eyes.. (stop reading now if you actually want to read this book as there will be massive spoiler alerts, or skip straight to the end of this post to see my comments on it). The reason this love is so “unrealistic” is because the main male character, Will Traynor, currently lives his life in a wheelchair due to a motorbike accident 2 years previous which has left him a “Quadriplegic”, which means that due to illness or an accident this person is now left partially or completely unable to move any of their limbs, leaving them completely immobile from doing anything for themselves. Of course this is something that is absolutely horrific to happen to someone, no matter who it is not just a character in a book, but the reason Will see’s this relationship to be unrealistic is simply because he is not the man he was before. Simply Will led a very luxurious life, he comes from a very wealthy well to do family so he could jet set off here there and everywhere. He had a brilliant job, a beautiful girlfriend, the money, everything! But, this whole accident literally turned his life upside down and put his life to a complete stop at an incredibly young age, leaving him in this condition at just 33.

But, 2 years after his accident Will has no clue that he will have a budding and over enthusiastic woman come into his life, her name is Louisa Clark. Louisa has lived in her home town her whole life and when I say whole life, I mean it literally, she has never even stepped outside of it. With a job in a cafe (that she really does love), a boyfriend (that hardly actually interests her) and living at home still (at the age of 26) Louisa also has a life changing moment when she is told she is being laid off for work since the cafe is closing, now for someone who has lived and worked in her home town her whole life this is something MAJOR. So, going to the job centre she gets handed a job as a carer for a disabled man, who turns out to be Will Traynor. But, to say that Louisa is actually mislead by this job title is an understatement. Louisa goes to the Traynor residence thinking that she will just be there to simply look after this man and that’s that, she couldn’t be more wrong.

Louisa is led to think that she is around to look after Will and gradually cheer him up and she has a total of a six month contract, but after some time in the house and a lot of suspicious behaviour from Will’s parents what she eventually finds out is she has been hired to, look after Will yes, but to also change his mind into taking himself off to Switzerland and ending his own life through a procedure called “Dignitas” where he will end his own life. This in reality is a huge thing to ask of anyone and especially when it has all been done under false pretences too. Louisa, however, carries on with her job role and hopes she can make a difference but, she quickly learns that Will is a very coarse, bad-tempered, angry man who actually has no interest in Louisa being there what so ever. She carries on with her job as carer for a number of weeks but learns more about Will each day that goes by having one day finding scars on Will’s wrists, indicating that previous to her arrival tried to kill himself instead.

But, even with knowing that Louisa finds it incredibly hard to warm to Will because he is still not respecting her as a person. However, one evening changes their entire relationship. One night Louisa takes her and Will up to the local village castle to get him out of the house since he lives in the house at the back of the main house, where on request from Will at the castle she enters the maze. In the maze Louisa becomes very panicky and breaks down when she reaches the exit in front of Will, she confesses that when she was a teenager she was raped in the maze itself. This stuns Will and it would seem that from this moment on Will begins to warm to Louisa’ kind spirit much more then before. Together they build a friendship which is based on sarcasm and quick wit, mainly on Wills part, resulting in Louisa learning more and more about Will and finally seeing him for who he is, effectively ending her boring relationship with her previous boyfriend. Will’s parents begin to notice a change in Louisa and Wills relationship one night after returning from a wedding they attend where there were a few “moments” so, with one last plea to get Will to change his mind, Louisa and his family plan a holiday that they all hope will change his mind regarding his suicide mission.

Whilst on the holiday Louisa confesses her love for Will and, as much as I PERSONALLY feel Will loves her just as much, Will confesses to her that no trip or feelings will be changing his decision. He was still going through with the procedure. Louisa finds this incredibly hard to accept and feels Will is being selfish and unreasonable since she feels they can have a relationship, but in Wills eyes they can’t, he is not the man he was and can no longer give/put the effort into a relationship with anyone because of his condition since he feels his chair defines him as person now. On their return home Louisa does not see Will, she refuses to accept anything that’s going on, but after a phone call on the day before his decision Will requests and gets his mum to beg her to go out to Switzerland to be there with him and, loving him that much, she goes and see’s him one last time before he dies, leaving Louisa to go out and do what Will told her to do all along, “Live”.

Needless to say there is a sequel to this book and it is out on the 24th of September this year (2015)! And I am thrilled JoJo has done this, I feel Louisa deserves a proper happy ending to her sadness she feels at the end of this book and I so pray she gets that ending. There has also been a script and film approved for this book too! Which is said to hit screens next year, June 3rd 2016, with the ever so beautiful Emilia Clarke (currently known as the worlds adored Daenerys Targaryen from GoT and voice of Marianne from Futurama) and the gorgeous Sam Clarflin (known from the amazing films The Hunger Games as Finnick Odair and also Alister Ryle from The Riot Club)

This book honestly hit me right where it hurts and made me ball my eyes out to the ending and, actually changed my outlook on a lot of things. Things I take for granted, things I didn’t realise were possible and made me understand everything to do with the Quadriplegic condition since I wasn’t so knowledgeable on it before. It is a book that, although made me cry, made me smile and laugh during also due to witty behaviour from both main characters. I honestly would rate this book a 10/10 for everything since it is now a complete favourite of mine so please do go out and buy it, you really will not regret it.

With love, Charlotte x


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