dissertation start and topics.. where to begin? 👩🏻‍🎓

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I don’t yet have my second year results back (they’re released on my 21st.. great) AND I do have a retake exam sometime in august (date yet to be decided) but, it definitely hasn’t wandered from my mind that I do have a 10,000 word dissertation to write this year for University! And if I’m being honest, that thought absolutely terrifies me since I have to spend the whole year writing it, I know full well I will probably change the way this piece of work is going to go so many times I wont even be able to keep count because, yes, I am a massive indecisive person when it comes to what I write or how I lay something out, so it is an actual given that at some point this coming year I will want to throw my laptop out the window (probably won’t do that though since I think too much of my laptop to do that, but, the feeling will be there I am veryyyy sure)

So, with all that in mind I do thankfully know however what direction I would like to take my dissertation in.. it’s just deciding how easy that will be. I have absolutely NO idea how I am going to get my head around all of this but, once I start I hope it will run smoothly (theres that word, hope!!!!) I think I may be a little in over my head with it all but, I don’t think it would be worth it all unless it’s a challenge.. we’ll see if I’m saying that this time in 6 months hey?

So basically, my meaning for this post today is asking you guys some advice, advice on how any of YOU have gone about starting your dissertation and what you felt worked for you? Because I am sure that some of you have been in this position before and have been just as confused as me! But, with it being up in the air every now and then with what I actually want to do for this piece of work I won’t publicise what I am thinking of just yet, incase it dramatically changes! I do know that I need to travel a bit this year to get quite a lot of sources and things to help me, plus make my work look good (it takes a lot of effort I tell you) but, I think it’ll all be fun and will be a good part of it! so I can’t wait! 😀

But, let me know what you guys think about dissertations and how you might go about starting/doing one? Leave comments below :).

With love, Charlotte x


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4 thoughts on “dissertation start and topics.. where to begin? 👩🏻‍🎓

  1. My department made us think about our dissertation topics just before Christmas and we’ve already done a 1500 dissertation design where we had to talk about out methodology and lit review. I found that once you know you’re topic and you read up on the literature it can come a bit more clear…so you could possibly look at some past examples and do some reading on area’s of topic that you’re interested in? 🙂 x

    1. see this is the thing, my uni have not told us to give a proposal?! and im so confused. but, that sounds like a good idea tbf :), so maybe a little reading and research whilst i wait for my 2nd year results?! 🙂 thank you 😀 x

      1. You go to Hull right? Maybe my department is different, I think the reason my department made us think about it really early because we had to fill in risk and ethic forms to make sure it was safe to do 🙂 No problem 🙂 x

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