End of second year at Hull Uni.. πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸŽ“

venn building with uoh sign3_v_Variation_1

So, I have FINALLY come to the end of my second year at Hull University and I am just incredibly happy to still be 100% fully functioning now it’s done. Second year well and truly did me over this year, mentally and physically (i mean the amount of take aways that have been consumed this year are ridiculous and my gut has DEFINITELY paid some price for it!) but, now it is summer, summer break πŸ˜€ and, this makes me incredibly happy!

Summer this year seems to be turning out to be a very interesting one indeed! I have a lot of plans already but, I really can not wait for my first adventure which is in 7 days time! So, in 7 days I will be off to Venice which is in Italy with my Dad! :D, this whole trip came around when he very kindly decided back in march to book a holiday away for the two of us to celebrate my 21st which is actually in 17 days and honestly, I really can not wait!! It is going to be so sooo awesome and I absolutely adore Italy, it is THE best place on earth (in my eyes anyway).

But, since having done a History of Art module on “Art and Life in Renaissance Venice” this year at Uni, I feel I know a lot of information on this amazing place already and I can not wait to actually be walking around Venice looking at buildings and art work I have learnt a hell of a lot about and actually start putting a lot of faces to the names within regards to the paintings themselves. If that is one thing I have discovered this year in my second year at uni, is that I actually wish when choosing my degree I picked to do a joint honours degree, because I’ve realised it is not just learning about the past I am interested in but it is actually analysing the art work too. There is something rather beautiful about looking at a painting that was painted over 500 years ago and still being able to feel the emotion that the painter intended you to feel back then, now. Which again, makes Italy one of my most favourite places ever, because all over it is literally full of such great architecture and art that it is just truly inspiring to think about these certain individuals, for example Caravaggio or Titan, who were both incredible artists that brought Venetian art to life with just a simple canvas and oil paint. Caravaggio being remembered for his very surreal paintings that were often described as “vulgar” because of there realistic feel and thenΒ Titan, for his full length moving figures that almost seemed realistic to the eye.

I do have many other plans for summer, but they will all be in different blog posts! So I will post about these when I have written them. Just over all, know that I am a very happy girl, for more reasons then one, and I could not be more grateful that my second year has finally come to an end.

With love, Charlotte x


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