Some of my favourite TV shows; πŸŽ₯

So I have a feeling, in fact I am actually incredibly aware, that I do appear to watch FAR too much Netflix. I could sit and watch Netflix day in day out.. oops?! But, the simple reason being is, I don’t actually like majority of what is on TV these days and since online I can watch my favourite programmes over and over.. I am not about to complain :D.

I recently changed from LoveFilm to Netflix since LoveFilm appeared to be getting rid of my favourite show e.g One Tree Hill, The Hills and a few others which to me was incredibly annoying :(. So since I constantly hear people raving about Netflix, I thought it was definitely time for a change. When setting up my account with them I realise there was a lot more choice on Netflix which was perfect and I instantly fell in love! Which then began the journey of my confinement in my room watching a hell of a lot of shows! Which led me to think that perhaps I should share my favourites with you guys, so here goes;


1) Skins – beginning in early 2007 this programme now has 7 series’ which finished in 2013 and it is easily one of my most favourite shows to re-watch! The storylines can get very twisted and very out of hand sometimes, with regards to drug use and alcohol consumption, but to be honest the characters in this show make it, not the parties or the surroundings, the people really make the programme what it is and you can easily become attached to the characters and their story lines. My personal favourite series is 3-4, they in my opinion have the best cast and the story lines are just awesome! Freddie being a personal favourite of mine (he is incredibly nice! :p) and then closely followed by Effy’s story line in 2013 in series 7.


2) Gossip Girl – next would have to be this show, situated inΒ Manhattan’s Upper East Side you find the rich and sort of famous high school students. Considering these kids appear to have it all their lives are no way near simple, in fact they actually make me happy that I don’t have all the millions they do! With constant drama and over the top story lines sometimes, if you enjoy a good drama and cat fight, then this programme matches up to all of that! With this actually not being an obvious selection of programme for me, I surprisingly became attached to everyone on it since they are incredibly relatable.. sometimes.


3) The Mighty Boosh – well, if you like weird and wonderful then I’m 100% sure you will like this tv show. The Might Boosh is without a doubt one of the weirdest and most seriously funny programmes I had seen in ages and I have loved it for many years now. With Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt taking a very weird outlook on the life they live, they come into contact with some very messed up people, who always appear to want to destroy them?! Which makes the programme itself just that much more funny. I think to understand how weird this programme actually is, you need to watch it though.. but prepare yourself, I don’t think you understand just HOW weird it is.


4) Whitechapel – ending on a very bloody end, Whitechapel is one of the most gripping dramatic television series’ I have watched (bar wire in the blood, which is equally as good) starting with in series 1 a copy cat of Jack the Ripper, the story lines go as far as two twin sons of The Kray Twins who are seeking to avenge their father. It has you jumping, shouting and on the edge majority of the time! But, it is incredibly gripping and is definitely a personal favourite of mine! The main characters all have such different personalities for the police force that you wonder how sometimes they even work together.

So, hopefully when you have the time you will go and check some of these out, if you haven’t already watched them (and if you have, you are one awesome person) just see what I mean about them all. Enjoy!

With love, Charlotte x


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