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How many of you read books? A lot of people I know say how they do not actually read but they mainly watch to learn things and thats fine! But, I think people should definitely read more.

When you read a book you enter a different head space where you only focus on what you are reading, you become attached to the people in the books where you can get very involved with what you are reading, so, why would people want to not have that escapism? Especially since when you need it, it takes you away from day to day life. It is known that majority of young children have probably never even read a book! Which to me is sad since when I was little my nan use to read to me all the time on sleepovers and after school, which she has continued to do with my younger sister, (who has already read the first harry potter book on her own and she is 10) but, for young children who don’t and only watch TV for learning things, that bothers me, there is so much they are missing out on in my opinion! Books are amazing on tablets like a Kindle and on iPads today since you can take them with you everywhere you go on this device but, in my opinion a hand held actual book with always be the best, the smell of an old and new book is amazing.

So, do as Dr Seuss says, “Fill your house with stacks of books, in all crannies and in all the nooks” for you can never get enough of reading, you are always learning something new.

With love, Charlotte x


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