My favourite YouTube channels.. ðŸ’»ðŸ’•

Gooooood evening guys! 😁, so it’s 10 days till Christmas and I could not be anymore excited, I love Christmas so much, just everything about it! 😍 and if you haven’t already go check out my favourite Christmas songs post from last week 😊.

But, this week my post is. It christmas related, it is however YouTube related which I think you can tell by the title. Yes, I’ve chosen this week to do a post on 6 of my favourite YouTube channels because, I feel what I watch may interest you guys reading but also, shows my personality! So, here goes;

1) TheMediaCows: .. So TheMediaCows are actually 4 of my favourite men doing a gaming channel on YouTube, I absolutely love their continuous commentaries throughout the games as they are hilarious, they play some absolute awesome games and they actually play the games well! Because of their channel I actually asked for a PS3 for my 20th birthday this year, as I needed another PS in my life, and it’s one of the best presents I’ve had in ages! So thanks to these guys and how well they play their games, I now enjoy the games just as much. So click the link above to see one of my favourite game walkthroughs they do called “thief” 😀 check them out!
2)ThatcherJoeGames: .. On the subject of gaming I have another gaming channel from Joe Sugg, now Joe is more of a Vlogger, but I personally enjoy his gaming channel more because he too has a brilliant throughout commentary on his games and genuinely just makes them enjoyable I personally feel! I think he seems like such a genuinely nice person too, so that’s another perk.. He’s also, quite attractive so I supposeeee that adds to the watch also 😉. Check him out by clicking the link and seeing one of his recent walk throughs called “OutLast.”
3) Pewdiepie: .. If you haven’t heard of Pewdiepie then OH MY GOD where have you been!? He is honestly hilarious and there isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t watch a heck of a lot of Pewdiepie videos, just to make myself laugh uncontrollably. Basically he is awesome, he does again gaming walk throughs but he has such a funny way of commentating them! Click the link to see a montage of his funny moments and then go check him out 😊 personal fave.
4) PointlessBlogTV; .. So PointlessBlogTV is a vlogging channel I do watch daily (guilty) but that’s because I just absolutely love watching through Alfie’s vlogs, he has so much going on which of course makes the daily vlogs incredibly interesting. Having recently released a book and having silly amounts of subscribers resulting in incredibly supportive fans I just genuinely enjoy watching his vlogs and think he is awesome! So the link above is to his most recent daily vlog, so go check him out as well! 😊
5) ThatsHeart: .. So ThatsHeart is one of my favourite beauty vlogging channels! I think she is absolutely adorable and the way she dresses, does her make-up and does her hair just makes me so SOOO envious, this is where I get majority of my make-up ideas and also my outfit ideas too! I think she has incredible style and make-up ideas and also, since recently wanting to put a hell of a lot more effort into my hair, not only does she make her hair look flawless she shows you how to do it in no time at all! Which is a win win really! So click the link and you’ll head straight to her channel of her most recent vlog post! Go on! 😃.
6) Zoella: .. And last but not least is again another personal fave! It’s is the loooovely Zoella! Zoella is an absolutely amazing YouTuber and I absolutely adore her videos! She does beauty videos, q&a’s and vlogs. Having recently released a beauty range and a book Zoella is absolutely storm troopering through, and she deserves it! She works incredibly hard, but having recently gotten a lot of flack from the press and some viewers, I feel she’s been a bit down heartened. Well, no fear Zoella, I still think your awesome and this is why your 1 of my top favourite YouTube channels! So check out her most recent drugstore beauty video! 😀

So, these are alllll my favourite YouTube channels at the moment and I suggest you click the links and get subscribing guys! 😉 click click! So, until next week! 

With love, Charlotte x


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