Choices.. πŸ’­


So, its occurred to me recently that maybe I put too much effort into things that don’t really require.. or rather deserve.. for me to put effort into? And this is a range of things really and I’m really getting sick of it.

I believe everyone has a choice when it comes to their own happiness and, if your not to happy with somethings in your life.. then go ahead and change them! Changing things can be as easy as slotting things into your life that you feel need to be there, when really, majority of the time they don’t. One of my main issues that I have in my life right now is people trying to dictate to me about my own life and how I go about it. Don’t. I wouldn’t dream of telling someone how to live their life, so why people feel its necessary with me I will never know. For starters, I am a 20 year old grown woman and, to be honest I think I can make decisions for myself.. Granted, they may not always turn out how I expected them too but at least I learn from my own mistakes. The whole reason we make mistakes is to learn from them, so if an idea of mine doesn’t go to plan, don’t try the “I told you so” because to be fair, you probably didn’t even see the outcome that does happen yourself. I am ranting purely because it has been going on for a while now with me and, I’m sure a lot of you can relate, that it is people who haven’t been in your shoes that feel they have a bigger opinion on things to do with you. I’m happy with how things are right now.. don’t try to rain on that.

So, what I am basically implying here is, don’t let the choices you may want to do be influenced or changed because of what other people may feel you should be doing, because that’s not right. It’s your life, live it how you see fit, not how others want you to live it. Things change and, thats fine. Just make sure the decisions you make, make you happy. πŸ™‚ New post next week.

With love, Charlotte x


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