Getting back into Uni, stressing? 💭


Stressing? Finally settled back into Uni? Or maybe just started? Well, glad to know I’m not the only one.

Second year at Hull University in the History Department, wow! Now I understand why first year seemed a bit of a breeze. If you are a first year at Uni this year, I don’t want to make you panicked or anything but, definitely enjoy first year whilst you can, even with all the work you seem to have right now, I can guarantee you that come this time next year you’ll wish you had last years work again. First year on my course (I don’t know about yours) did not count towards my final grade for when I finish in 3rd year, which meant that when it came to the passing mark for assignments/passing mark for exams the percentage wasn’t too high, intact it was 40% for me last year, so in first year you could kind of take it easy on the work load and any mistakes you made really didn’t matter that much (as long as it wasn’t anything major of course). But, this year is my second year, every grade counts! So when it comes to any assignment, presentation and exam I do it all goes towards my final grade for my degree. AHHHH! nightmare.

This has lead to me (having only been back at uni properly for 2 weeks now) getting up incredibly early to attend my 9:15 lectures/seminars and going to the library after I’ve finished with lessons for a good 3-4 hours to do additional reading along side my course so that I have more knowledge for my assignments and exams this year. Now, some of the books have been a relatively normal kind of size, however, the book I had delivered to my house this morning, is half the actual size of me! It really is that huge!! Now that really is besides the point what size my books are etc. but, with all the time I’ve spent in the library and at uni this week it has kind of hit me with how much work I actually have to come this year and, apart of me is really ready for it because I feel incredibly comfortable and happy with my course as I really do love it, it is my passion, but then the other half of me is asleep and feeling incredibly nervous about what is to come. All of this I suppose is something everyone goes through but yeah, theres a mixture of emotions really. So, I wrote out a plan, a Monday-Friday plan and this plan I blue tacked on to the inside of my wardrobe door, along with my timetable and an A4 sized piece of paper with all my this year module requirements on.

First i’ll explain why I put it on the inside of my wardrobe door, well it is simply is because I don’t want to wake up every morning and be faced with the site of my timetable and everything else that I have to do, THAT would get me down! So I thought sticking it on the back of my wardrobe door was a good idea because I can open it and look at it and let it daunt me when I choose, not because it’s just there looking at me. Second of all, I know this might seem weird but it works for me, I colour coordinated my timetable and matched the colours up to my A4 sized piece of paper with all my this year module requirements on, it just made it seem prettier and a lot less daunting for me because that piece of paper has absolutely loads of things on it. But thirdly, down to my Monday-Friday plan! It sounds like its completely controlled and what not but, it just puts my seminar work along with my additional reading into some order and that is literally all it is for. I have my lectures and seminars, then head off to the library and do my reading for a seminar or any additional reading i choose to do.

So, if you are feeling a little stressed out and need to gain some order in everything that is getting to you since you’ve just started/got back into uni, maybe try this? It helps me massively so I thought I would share it with you guys and just give you some tips! Also, if you are having problems with organising your work, take a look at my “Getting Back to Uni; Essentials..” post that I have on here! That could also be of help too you.

With love, Charlotte x


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