Extending blog post lengths?


Now when I first started my blog I never intended for my blog posts to be too long where readers reading them get too bored because it is sounding like a chapter in a book but, recently I started to think that maybe I could start extending the length of my posts so that there is a bit more content in them? Also because I thought that maybe I wasn’t doing that good of a job? So having thought this I looked around at a few other peoples blogs to see how long they were writing their posts and as to why these posts were this long and of course this included people I know/people who I didn’t. On my searching though I found that they all varied due to the actual blog themselves, so based on what that person was talking about the size and content differed. This made me feel a little better though, as it made me realise that my blog posts may not actual be as short or bad as I think because I write about what I personally want to write about, in hope that people will also like reading it too obviously, but this also pleased me again as I think that is what a blog should be about, giving your own personal opinion which can in some situations help the people reading your posts.

But then I got thinking about the people that may also be feeling like I do when it comes to being a new blogger, so I started to look online at sites that can help you as a new blogger expand your knowledge and writing! 

1) http://www.problogger.net/how-to-write-great-blog-content/ 

2) http://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/how-to-write-blog-post-simple-formula-ht

3) http://www.dummies.com/how-to/content/writing-a-good-blog.html

So here are a few of the sites I looked at and thought would be good for you guys to go look at if you needed any tips on how to write better or even start writing blog posts. I hope you find them useful! Let me know buy leaving a comment, I would be interested to know. πŸ˜€

With love, Charlotte x


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