Book Review, “The Best Thing That Never Happened To Me” by Laura Tait and Jimmy Rice 📚

The Best Thing red author names

Finally! Another book review, I’m finally back on form with my reading since I have now settled in fully back home in Hull and I love it! I love reading so much and it is such a good pass time, well I think so anyway.

So, this book is called “The best thing that never happened to me” and it is written by Laura Tait and Jimmy Rice. Now that fact it is written by two people may puzzle you but it purely is because there are chapters where a girl is talking and chapters where a boy is talking, so who best to write these chapters? A boy and a girl of course, not just a woman writing the mans part. This is the first bit i like about the book itself, that it has that different factor to it and yes I say “first bit I like” purely because there are so many bits that I like about this book that I just think it is damn right fabulous!

The book itself is about a boy and girl who were childhood best friends from a very young age, but come going to University they separate as they go on different paths and actually loose contact for 11 years, which itself is quiet sad because I know I would not want too loose contact with any of the people I’m extremely close too. But, 11 years later they meet up since they both live in wonderful London and both realise how different they now are, but there is still that pull between them and it is like they have never left each other. Of course there are many other complications that occur else this book would not be as exciting as it is, but that again is what makes it so amazing! It definitely is one of the favourite books and I will find the time to read it again and again. However, I was absolutely gob smacked with the ending, it really is not how I thought it would end, but it still did not let me down. Not one bit.

So, here is another book I would highly recommend reading as it really is THAT good. please, please go out and buy yourself a copy as you definitely won’t regret it.

With love, Charlotte x


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