Places to visit; Hever Castle


So Hever Castle, this is one of my most favourite places, ever! It is just absolutely beautiful as you can see from the photo I took about nearly 4 years ago now.

Hever Castle is located in the village of Hever, Kent near Edenbridge, 30 miles south-east of London. Originally it was built to be a country house in the 13th century, but from 1462-1539 it was the family home of the Boleyn’s. Anne Boleyn, King Henry VIII’s second wife lived out her younger years here when her father inherited the house in 1505 after his father Sir William Boleyn died, but much later on in 1540’s Anne of Cleve’s, King Henrys fourth wife lived here after her annulment to the King. But in todays day and age it is used as a tourist attraction.

Being an absolute huge lover of the Tudor period I have to admit my favourite person from this time period is Anne Boleyn, so coming here had always been something I had dreamt of doing, so 4 years ago when I went I was incredibly excited. It is absolutely beautiful, the Castle itself really is so pretty, but not only is the house great the gardens here were out of this world and I could have spent ages walking round them. Now depending what time of the year you go to Hever you will find they do certain events and shows, so when I went there was Jousting competitions where two people impersonated Henry and Anne, where we then followed them to Jousting pitch and Henry announced the Jousting could begin. In the house though everything was exactly how I thought it would be, it was big, bright and just out of this world. Being in Anne Boleyn’s room was just the best part of the day for me. Also, being in the house we saw a lot of things that had once belonged to the Boleyn family and in one glass case there was Anne’s bible, still in absolute brilliant condition, I could not take my eyes off of it. So over all It was amazing and I had such a good day, definitely somewhere I plan on going back too and I can not wait, it’s just finding the time to go now.

So, after reading this if you now want to go, here is a link to the website where you can find out more about the place itself and what events may be going on when you plan to go and also where you can buy tickets too; (click on the little blue words) >> Hever Castle

I will post another post in a few days time, but until then, Ciao!

With love, Charlotte x


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4 thoughts on “Places to visit; Hever Castle

  1. Wow this was a wonderful posts. My family lineage traces back to the boleyns. I myself have seen a certain anne boleyn painting that looks like my twin. I would like to go to Hever castle and see it for myself . I guess my question is are their collection of paintings on display to see

    1. thank you so much 😊. but wow!! as so my family as well and I too have had a painting shown to me that makes Anne look like my twin also. it’s amazing!!
      and well, there isn’t a certain collection? but everywhere you go there as paintings of her and her family, like everywhere. it’s just truly wonderful and such a calming place, I loved it as I felt with a connection too it. thank you for reading my post though, it means a great deal too me.

      1. I know right! it’s unbelievably cool! 😄, I will post more history posts though. so look out for them.

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