Book Review, “Looking for Alaska.” by John Green 📚


So a couple weeks ago I uploaded a post on three books I was reading, but with the whole moving house and getting settled back in in Hull I have been extremely busy and have not had much time to read, so now that I have been in nearly a week I finally managed to get one of those books finished and this was the John Green book Looking for Alaska!

This is another great book by John Green and I have to admit I will be reading it again. Again John Green has written in the form of a young teenager but has given him a head strong adult feeling to the main character Miles and like all good stories Miles falls in love with, Alaska. Now, to say I got completely into this book when I first started reading it would be such a lie, I did not. I found it rather hard and I can not really understand why? I just know I had to get past the first 20 something pages and I was happily finding myself hooked. This book by the end again had me completely shocked and I could not quiet believe what had happened, but I won’t put here what happened, I will wait for you to go out yourself, buy this amazing book and read to find out yourself.

But once again, congrats to John Green, another amazing book! It is safe to say John Green is becoming one of my favourite authors. Another book where I fell completely in love with the main character, I want a Miles in my life. He’s adorable.

So, go out and buy this book as I promise you won’t be disappointed. I will be writing another post very soon!

With love, Charlotte x


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