Moving in day and time with friends..

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So it has been a while since I’ve wrote a post and I am sorry for that, I have just been an extreme busy bee these past couple of days, it has been so so heck tick.

So, on Friday I moved into my new house with one of my other house mates and I got reunited with this cheeky chap (in the pictures above) my mum stayed the night with me and we had such a laugh, it was so nice to have some mother daughter time. The whole moving everything I own upstairs in my house was a nightmare and I thought I was having a heart attack (extreme but true), anyway on saturday my mum went home and me and my house mate Arianne chilled all weekend getting settled in more and just spending time together, which involved a bit of drinking of course and a lot of food!

But today I spent the day at the beach in Bridlington with one of my best friends Jordan and we relaxed that much he fell asleep next to me and started snoring! So I woke him up and we went in the sea.. I was brave and went and put my whole body up to my shoulders in! It was absolutely freezing. And we also ate chips and had slush puppies, it was brilliant! So all in all I am just happy to be back in Hull, I miss people from home obviously! But I have a whole new life and independence being in Hull, it is amazing. So all in all, it is great to be back.

I will start posting more posts on books and historical things now I have finally settled back in, so look out for them coming soon!

With love, Charlotte x


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