50 shades of Grey trailer finally realised!


So, I like to hope there are many more 50 shades fans on here other then just me, if not then you will not understand the amount of excitement I had when I got in from visiting my young God Son today. Finally the trailer has been released and it absolutely lived up to everything I wanted for the trailer, I had goosebumps whilst watching it and could not get over how incredible it looked.

I have been waiting for 2 years now for this trilogy of books to turn into a film and finally the first book has been made into a film, which really does look like it will not disappoint its fans who have no doubt been waiting just as long as I have. Jamie Dornan and Dakoto Johnson play the parts of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele, a very over controlling dominant CEO and a very innocent young woman. These books may not be everyones cup of tea due to the content of them as it is all based around a dom and sub relationship, but I absolutely loved it, not only for the way E L James writes her sex scenes but also for the love story that goes on between these two characters, as it really is not your typical disney love story, nothing is easy and everything is always a challenge, and I really like that. Makes it seem more real.

Both Dornan and Johnson fit the profiles for their characters and in my eyes they really do resemble them well, well how I saw them in my head whilst reading the books anyway. I absolutely can not contain how excited I am for February 14th 2015. CINEMA DATE; BOOKED.

So, here is the trailer down below if you are now interested in checking it out;

.. Click play! You know you want too!!

With love, Charlotte x


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