Cardiff 🙌🐉❤️


Well, I have just had the best weekend I’ve had in ages, Cardiff was insane and I absolutely loved my time there.
It was fab seeing two of my best friends Arianne and Chris and Chris being from Cardiff definitely showed us round well, we ate amazing food, partied rather hard and did quite a bit of site seeing. So it was definitely a successful weekend.
I managed to finally get to visit where one of my favourite TV hit shows was filmed; Torchwood. And I couldn’t of been made any happier, it was so cool!

Saturday night was a blast and I woke up feeling a little worse for wear Sunday morning, but a walk and food round the Bay on Food Market day made me feel ten times better!
But most of all it was so great to spend some time after not seeing Chris for 4 months and Arianne a month, we had such a laugh and I couldn’t have asked for anything better and meeting some new people is always good too!! 😄
A weekend in Cardiff is definitely something that will happen again, I can’t wait to go back.

Now to get back home, carry on with my little project and see where my train journeys take me this week. 🙌

With love, Charlotte x


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