Time.. ⌚️⌚️

Time, is something that is constant. There is no stopping it, no rewinding it and no fast forwarding it.. which is unfortunate for all three of them reasons. Henry VIII before dying said this “out of all losses, time is the greatest loss. for it can never be redeemed”.

This time last year I was waiting on my college Media results to ensure I got to Hull Uni, this year I am sat back at home for 8 weeks of the summer having finish my first year at Hull Uni doing History, awaiting my first year results in 5 days.. my god time has absolutely flown by. There are many things that are different now to how they were 12 months ago, but if I am honest, I would not change how I am now to how I was, or how certain things were this time last year shall I say. Over this past year I feel I have grown so much as a person, I moved away from home and have become completely independent (which I have absolutely loved), I have had many life lessons due to certain situations which have made me grow as a person emotionally, I have met soooo many new people who are all different in a lot of ways and that too has helped me grow also, but definitely helped me mature and if I’m honest, I could not be more grateful for some of the new people I have met, but I am also incredibly happy I have kept in contact with majority of the people that I wanted to back home since going to Uni. But, I have realised not everything is forever which sounds extremely cliché, but it is incredibly true, despite what you may think at the time, which is now why Im trying to learn to take each day as it comes, so they say. 

And right now, I am on an emotional roller coaster, as Augustus Waters from The Fault in our Stars says “I’m on a roller coaster that only goes up my friend” except mines an emotional roller coaster these days. Yes, some situations may not be how I want it them to be right now, but “truth and time tells all”. But, I could not be happier with how I am right now or how my life is right now. I am incredibly happy with myself though, with how I have grown as an adult and how I have grown with my independence. 

I said it just now, but over this past year this saying could not be more true; “truth and time tells all” and it really has.

With love, Charlotte x


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