The Fault in Our Stars. ðŸ“–


So, if you’re a bit of a book worm like myself and you have not read The Fault in Our Stars.. oh my god, what have you been doing!
This book is one of the best books I have actually read in a seriously long time. It has a classic love story between two young teenagers called Hazel and Augustus, but this love story has a twist. Both these young teenagers have had/have cancer and have at one point in both their lives been extremely ill, or in Hazel’s case, still are.
The author of this book John Green is absolutely amazing, he writes a story that has you as a reader hooked from the moment you start reading and I can not figure out if it is due to the fact that he writes so well from a teenagers point of view or due to the love story within this book itself. But, whatever it is, it has my absolute 10/10 approval!
So if you love a good love story (and possibly a bit of a cry) then I would seriously recommend this book, I’ve read it over and over and I still never get bored of re-reading it.

With love, Charlotte x


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